My knee wouldn’t stop aching, no matter what I tried. I had migraines and my allergies kept acting up. A friend told me about this website and I was fascinated on all the simple answers to my health problems. Started slowly changing my health choices and shortly started seeing positive improvement in my allergies. Who knew that local honey would help my allergies?! Amazing! I now follow him regularly and use his information and products to help me achieve a better life. Thanks.

Jessica. L

I was searching on the internet like everyone does for help with my different health problems, arthritis, asthma, sinus trouble. After reading, watching and following, I have had tremendous improvement. My joint pain and inflammation has decreased, I no longer take anti-inflammation medications. I haven’t had a sinus infection in months. My asthma is gone, steroids and inhalers are no longer needed!
I strongly recommend Dr. Chris Barker, this has changed my life!”

Jane. M

I am actually a patient of Dr. Barker’s in Florida. He is an amazing person who truly cares about the whole health of his patients. He has always wanted to help more people so that’s why he launched this website. Over the last few years under his care my overall health has improved, stress markers on my blood work has lowered, and I have lost a fair amount of weight. Overall less sick days. Blessed he is right here in my backyard.”

Patrick. H

In less than 3 months I saw more of a difference than I had in 6 years dealing with medicine. The confidence Dr. Barker’s information and resources give you is priceless. I no longer feel as if I have no power over my health. My blood pressure has dropped significantly as well as my cholesterol and other health markers. I am in better spirits and hopeful for the future.”

Donna. E

As a parent, you want the best for your child. The information and kid friendly resources has made a world of difference in my child’s health. Dr. Barker is a trusted source for information and topics related to the health of your kids and family members of all ages. Highly recommend him.”

Emily. B

Doctor Chris’s resources has helped me so much with my digestive issues & itchy skin. I’ve also lost around 35lbs. He’s given me answers & hope. My health has improved drastically and I’m thankful God brought Dr. Chris into my life!”

Stephanie. D

Highly recommend Dr. Chris Barker. He is a miracle worker! Within just a few weeks of following his programs and taking the proper supplements I saw substantial improvement in my health. After several months I’m now feeling better than I have ever felt. Glad I can go to a source of information I can trust.”

Sarah. A

It’s amazing what the right information will do for you. I have suffered from general fatigue and sleep problems for years. You name it I have tried it. Since following Dr. Barker’s protocols I now have energy throughout the day without a crash. I sleep better and overall see an increase in my health. Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion to help people get their health back!”

James. C

Thanks to Dr. Chris, I have learned ways to reduce and manage my pain naturally. I was able to return to my physically active life, which has allowed me to lose weight and overall feel better about myself. I have removed the need for pain medications and muscle relaxers. It’s like a new freedom, a new life!”

Debby. G

Since following Dr. Barker, I no longer have numbness in my legs due to my type 2 diabetes I had developed from poor lifestyle choices. The simple yet practical information with the proper resources is what I needed to make a positive change in my health. 25 pounds down and I’m not looking back!”

John. T

My family started following Dr. Barker and we have experienced fantastic results. The information has taught us how to better take care of ourselves through nutrition and exercise. We wanted to start making healthy choices as a family to prevent disease the best we could. My kids actually eat my healthy recipes now! Lol Thanks again.”

Hopkins Family

I wanted to say I have followed a lot of “Health” programs and taken a lot of products in my life. No one has broken it down and made it this effective and simple. I no longer deal with allergies, I have lost weight and my outlook on life is so much better. I don’t deal with depression like I have in the past. I want to thank Dr. Chris Baker for his trust in God and the care he has for people. I highly recommend his resources to all that want a better quality of life.”

Steven. N

I have struggled with weight issues for years. With the help of Dr. Barker’s health workshops I have managed to lose 32 pounds! I feel better about myself and have noticed more energy and healthier looking skin. Looking forward to continue to reach my goal of 50 pounds lost. Feel like he is genuine about making people’s health and lives better.”

Mary. T

I developed odd rashes that no one could figure out. My skin was always broken out and I was very self-conscious about it. I changed my nutrition and began detoxing with the help of Dr. Barker. Few months later I noticed a substantial difference in my skin! Feel like I was toxic for so many years. My only regret is I wish I had heard this information sooner.”

Justin. G

Being a busy mom it’s hard to cook healthy meals. They were always so complicated and didn’t taste very good (That’s what my kids said lol). We seemed to always be eating out which eventually caught up to our health. Dr. Barker’s recipes are not only delicious but easy to make. Just adding this has made a huge difference in our family’s health.”

Tapios Family

I recently sent Dr. Barker an email about a health question. I honestly expected to get an answer back from a customer service person. He personally emailed me, answered my question and directed me with action steps. Seems like someone who is honestly interested in helping people achieve health. Feel like that’s hard to come by these day.”

Ellaine. C

Few months ago, I got back blood work that was subpar. Wanted to change my health through nutrition and exercise. Started doing Dr. Barker’s workouts and implementing his food and supplement recommendations. In a few short months, my cholesterol has dropped and I feel better than I have in years. Look into his information, you owe it to yourself.”

Johnny. T

Working out I needed a protein powder that wasn’t full of harmful chemicals and ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. Started using Dr. Barkers protein complete and wow what a difference! It gives me energy I need throughout the day without a midafternoon crash. It tastes great and being Non-GMO, Gluten free and Organic, it’s a no brainer to take.”

Lamar. P

Working in an environment with constant exposure to people, I always seemed to get sick. Dr. Barker’s information showed me how to build up my immune system and common foods to avoid. Taking a few supplements and following my meal plan I can happily say I have noticed less sick days! When I feel, something coming on, I turn to immune boosting drinks and foods he recommends. Love knowing I have a say in preventing sickness.”

Jessica. D

It’s really hard to get all the proper nutrition now days. I have tried to eat handfuls of fruits and vegetables or time consuming juicing. I always seem to fall off in a few weeks. Dr. Barker’s supplement line gives me what my body needs to work optimally. His videos on each vitamin makes it easy to navigate what I need. I am Sleeping better, less brain fog and my overall mood has gotten better. Thanks for making being healthy so simple.”

Tanner. R