Top 5 Health Benefits of Kombucha

Top 5 Health Benefits of Kombucha Kombucha is considered one of the healthiest beverages on earth. This fermented tea has been shown to restore gut flora, reduce belly fat, and improve blood lipid levels. Brewed with a live bacterial culture, it balances your microbiome and supports digestive function. In ancient China, kombucha was

Want More Energy? Follow These Six Steps!

Want More Energy? Follow These Six Steps! Feeling exhausted? Have a hard time getting through the final hours of your workday? If so, chances are you might need to change your lifestyle habits. Stress, sleep deprivation, and bad eating can affect your energy levels, causing fatigue. Sugary foods are energy loan sharks, so

Top 7 Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Top 7 Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is widely used in cosmetics and personal care products. Also known as melaleuca oil, it boasts over 92 compounds with remarkable health benefits. This natural remedy is derived from the Malaleuca plant, which originates in Australia. Local people apply it on their

Best Pea Protein Powder

Best Pea Protein Powder   Protein is vital to our lives. Did you know that every cell in your body contains it? Also, your hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Meanwhile your body uses protein, which involves chains of amino acids, as tissue builders and repairers. Protein acts as the building

Best Fish Oil For Weight Loss and Cholesterol

Fish oil can be very beneficial to help reduce your cholesterol levels and lose weight! Now it may seem counter-intuitive , the idea that eating more fish and fish oil could be beneficial for your waistline. After all, doesn't fat add weight? Fortunately, fish oil does not operate the same way that other traditional

Best Protein Shake Recipes for 2017

As anyone in the health industry can tell you, having regular protein shakes is a great way to enhance all the good things you're already doing for your body. This is why you want to know what the best protein shake recipes are for 2017. Whether it's exercising, dieting, or just wanting to put

Best Protein Powder for 2017

Picking the best protein powder is very important for individuals wishing to achieve peak health performance. Protein powders are used by everyone throughout the health industry and by those wishing to achieve higher levels of bodily perfection. Individuals from actors to professional singers and professional athletes all over the world regularly take protein powders