Best Protein Powder for 2017

Picking the best protein powder is very important for individuals wishing to achieve peak health performance. Protein powders are used by everyone throughout the health industry and by those wishing to achieve higher levels of bodily perfection. Individuals from actors to professional singers and professional athletes all over the world regularly take protein powders to enhance their natural abilities. But what are protein powders?

Protein powders are proteins derived either from animal sources or plant sources. Animal sources of protein typically feature dairy or eggs as the primary source of protein where plant-based protein drinks favored among vegetarians and vegans are those that derive their protein sources from rice and/or peas. The thing that you must remember is not all protein powders are made equally. You need to find the right protein powder to achieve the results you are looking for. If you want to lose weight, there’s a protein powder that can assist with that, whereas if you were trying to gain muscle mass, you would want to look for a different one that can assist with that as well. Getting the right protein powder to achieve your specific goals is crucial, so what are some of the best sources of protein?

Egg proteins

Proteins from eggs are largely one of the most favored in the industry and one of the best for increasing muscle mass. What is fantastic about eggs is that they are a whole protein source. This means that they include all of the major amino acids that your body cannot form on its own but needs to maintain proper health. Including egg protein powders in your diet with your favorite shake is a fantastic way to increase muscle mass and get all the amino acids your body needs.

Whey proteins

Whey proteins feature many of the same benefits as the egg proteins. In fact, whey proteins are even better than egg proteins at building muscle mass. Multiple studies have shown that individuals who utilize whey proteins on a regular basis can build muscle mass faster and keep it longer. Whey proteins also have an additional benefit in that they help an individual feel fuller longer. As anyone knows, the key to proper health is diet. If you can eat less and still feel full, you are going to cut your intake of fats, carbs, and overall caloric intake. The ability of whey protein to help us eat less but still feel full makes it a fantastic addition to any diet.

Pea proteins

Pea proteins are definitely the new guy on the block when it comes to the protein powder market, but they are making big waves. Pea proteins are exceptionally popular in the vegetarian and vegan markets as well as with individuals who have allergies to milk-based protein powders or eggs. With protein powders derived from peas, these individuals finally have a protein powder that works for them.

Due to its newness, there have been limited studies on how well it stacks up against other protein powders, but if you are an individual who is vegetarian, vegan, or has allergies to traditional products, pea based protein powder could be the one for you. Although pea proteins are not absorbed in the body as quickly as whey or others, this slow absorption rate does not seem to reduce its overall effectiveness in the body. Over the course of many weeks, one study showed that individuals who took pea based protein powders saw the same benefits as those who took milk-based protein powders.

The most important thing for any individual is to get the protein powder that works best for you. We are individuals and our bodies have individualized needs, so getting the protein powder that meets your needs is the key to great health this year.