Best Protein Shake Recipes for 2017

As anyone in the health industry can tell you, having regular protein shakes is a great way to enhance all the good things you’re already doing for your body. This is why you want to know what the best protein shake recipes are for 2017.

Whether it’s exercising, dieting, or just wanting to put on a little muscle mass, protein shakes are a great way to help boost all the things you are already doing. Not only this, but certain protein shakes can also be great for digestion as well as helping your body to feel better. However, those protein shakes do you no good if you can’t palate the taste. So what are some of the ways that you can make protein shakes not just palatable, but truly enjoyable? Here are the best protein shakes of 2017?

Chocolate raspberry protein shake

Yes! You heard right, a chocolate raspberry protein shake! Depending on how you make your chocolate raspberry protein shake, it can actually be exceptionally healthy. This protein shake is much more like a protein smoothie including some of the tastiest natural ingredients around. Packed with vitamin C and other natural sources of vitamins from the raspberries, this smoothie is very tasty, and with a little bit of vanilla protein powder and a dash of your favorite dark chocolate, this will be your new favorite healthy shake. It’s full of antioxidants and proteins that will make you wonder why you hadn’t been having dessert for breakfast all along.

Yogurt mango protein shake

The yogurt mango protein shake is one of the more unusual ones on this list as it actually includes no protein powder but rather gets its protein from good Greek yogurt that is mixed in. Greek yogurt has a couple of major benefits, one of which is the exceptional taste which is beautifully offset by the sweet smoothness of mango’s. Another one of the benefits is that Greek yogurt has live cultures of probiotics which help break down lactose and allow your body to handle the proteins more efficiently. One of the other key aspects of this shake is the ingredients in it are also high in vitamin A, and C ensuring you get the recommended daily dose with each drink. In all, some fresh sliced mango and mango juice, some Greek yogurt for protein – and if you want to add just a little more zest, perhaps some toasted walnuts will make this a healthy shake you’ll want to consume daily.

Papaya ginger protein shake

This one is just as tasty and as healthy as it sounds. Papaya and ginger protein shakes are ideal if you have an upset stomach or need some assistance in digestion. Papaya enzymes are well known to help aid in natural digestion.What makes this shake so great is how many different ways it can be made. Choose either fresh or canned papaya, ginger root, a little bit of ginger candy, or ginger powder. With these ingredients, this protein shake is everything that your body needs to start settling down. Mix these ingredients with either a little bit of vanilla protein powder or if you want, go the all-natural route with some good Greek yogurt. Add a dash of mint to help complement the soothing effects of this smoothie.

With so many kinds and varieties of great smoothies available, the real question isn’t what is healthiest for you, but what are you in the mood for today? We hope you enjoyed this article on the best protein shake recipes for 2017. Be sure to pick up our 5 day detox smoothie guide below.{!email}