Fish oil can be very beneficial to help reduce your cholesterol levels and lose weight!

Now it may seem counter-intuitive , the idea that eating more fish and fish oil could be beneficial for your waistline. After all, doesn’t fat add weight? Fortunately, fish oil does not operate the same way that other traditional oils or fats do. Fish oil has been shown in test after test to improve your metabolism, which is the key to burning more calories. It can help your metabolism operate at a higher efficiency level so that you will be able to burn more calories when you eat fish than if you had not. This produces a net calorie loss for those who eat fish or take fish supplements on a regular basis.

The properties of fish oil are also an important mechanism by which your body separates glucose and carbs. By separating the two, it allows you to have better access to the energy later when you need it. Glucose is the body’s sugar fuel, while carbs are often responsible for both weight gain and low energy levels. The properties of fish oil help to separate these two from each other, allowing your body to have more energy when you want it, this in turn allows for greater metabolic activity and more burned calories.

But this is not the only way in which fish oil can help you shrink your waistline; it is also helpful in increasing your insulin efficiency in your body. A large boost to the insulin efficiency of your body means that the food you eat is less likely to be stored as fat. This is important because your body likes to store food energy you eat as fat. If you are trying to lose weight, you would much rather have food that was processed in a way that didn’t add to your waistline. This is another reason why having fish oil as a part of your regular diet is so beneficial.

One of the other major ways that fish oil can help you lose weight is some of the chemical properties in fish oil have been linked to a reduction in appetite. Can you imagine how much weight you would lose if you could eat less and still feel full? This is why having regular fish in your diet or fish oil supplements is an excellent way to augment any weight loss initiatives that you were undertaking already. The fact is, all studies have shown that the number one way to reduce weight loss is to eat less. If you are able to eat less and still be satisfied, then you are guaranteed to start losing weight even before you take into consideration anything else like eating healthier and adding exercise. If you only have one piece of pizza instead of two, you have just reduced your fat, sodium, and carbs intake by 50%!

Now it’s time to mention exercise. For some people, exercise is a dirty word and every time they hear it they like to wash their mouth out with chocolate. Unfortunately, if you are trying to lose weight and you think that a fish oil supplement alone will be able to do that for you, you are mistaken. Fish oil supplements are excellent at helping you boost whatever you are already doing, but they are not a miracle cure. The two biggest factors to losing weight are eating less, which fish oil can help with, and working out, which fish oil can also help with! Some studies have even shown that individuals who take fish oil supplements while they were working out burn more calories.

So let fish oil become an important part of your diet as you eat less, have higher energy, and feel fuller with one of nature’s healthiest oils! Look for wild caught sources and watch you health improve this year.