Rich in amino acids and antioxidants, coconut water has been used for centuries as a food and natural cure. It comes from young green coconuts and has a refreshing taste that most people love. Depending on its size, each coconut provides one to four cups of liquid. The nutrients in coconut water boast anticancer, antithrombotic, antioxidant, and anti-aging properties. Due to its low calorie content, this beverage is ideal for those looking to shed pounds or maintain their weight.

Brief History of Coconut Water

With its sweet, nutty flavor, coconut water will quench your thirst without adding inches to your waist. This beverage has been consumed in tropical countries since ancient times. The people of the Pacific Islands use it as food and medicine. Ancient warriors and hunters were drinking coconut water for its hydration abilities. Rich in potassium, phosphorus, and sodium, this liquid restores the body’s electrolyte levels and prevents dehydration.

During the Vietnam War and World War II, coconut water was used in intravenous IV solutions. The word “coconut” was first mentioned in an English manuscript dating back to 1555. However, it has only recently become popular in the U.S. and Europe. Today, coconut water is widely available and its health benefits are supported by science.

What Makes Coconut Water So Healthy?

Referred to as “nature’s sports drink,” this beverage offers a tasty alternative to water. Its electrolyte levels are up to 15 times higher than those found in sports drinks. One serving contains the same amount of potassium as two bananas, and has just 46 calories and nine grams of carbs. It also provides:

• 600mg potassium
• 250mg sodium
• 45mg phosphorus
• 2g protein
• 3g fiber
• 10% of the RDA of vitamin C
• 6% of the RDA of calcium
• 4% of the RDA of iron
• 17% of the RDA of manganese
• 4.8mg of Omega-6 fatty acids

Coconut water is cholesterol-free and rich in B-complex vitamins. Lauric acid, one of its primary nutrients, supports healthy growth and development. Research shows that this beverage may reduce oxidative stress and high blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, and decrease cholesterol levels.

Several studies indicate that coconut water is more effective for whole body hydration compared to sports drinks. Additionally, it’s easy to digest and doesn’t cause upset stomach or nausea like sports drinks do. Packed with antioxidants, it improves your body’s ability to fight free radicals.

Coconut water is recommended to athletes, active individuals, and people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, or heart diseases. According to experts, this beverage lowers blood sugar and improves health markers in diabetics. It also contains fiber, which slows sugar absorption into the body. Magnesium, one of the abundant minerals in coconut water, improves insulin sensitivity in people with type II diabetes.

This liquid is rich in cytokinins, which play a key role in cell growth and repair. Along with lauric acid, they delay aging, strengthen connective tissues, and restore the skin’s pH levels. To reap these benefits, you can either drink coconut water or apply it on the skin before bedtime. Coconut water is also an excellent choice for preventing dehydration caused by stomach flu, cholera, prolonged exercise, and dysentery. Even though it’s not the cheapest beverage out there, its benefits are worth the cost.