Top Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


Take any health journal or magazine and you’ll find at least one mention of coconut oil. This superfood is touted as a cure-all, offering a multitude if benefits. Its antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-cancer properties are well-documented. Until recently, coconut oil was demonized for its high fat level. Today, health experts worldwide praise its healing power.

Also known as copra oil, this superfood is rich in caprylic acid, oleic acid, lauric acid, and medium chain triglycerides. It has a higher smoke point than most cooking oils, and can last up to six months without spoiling. You can use it for baking and frying as well as an ingredient in homemade face creams, shampoo, lip balm, conditioners, and body lotions. More than 1,500 studies confirm its health benefits. Let’s see what makes coconut oil so great:

  1. Accelerates Weight Loss

The medium chain fatty acids (MCTs) in coconut oil have been found to increase metabolism and energy expenditure. When you’re on a low carb diet, your body can use these fats for fuel. A study conducted on overweight patients has shown that those who consumed MCTs reported a greater reduction in fat mass and total body weight compared to the subjects using olive oil. This superfood not only boosts your metabolism, but also curbs hunger and keeps you full longer due to its fat content.

  1. Fights Infections

Coconut oil is about 50 percent lauric acid. This essential fat has the ability to kill harmful pathogens responsible for dental cavities, ulcers, food poisoning, and candida infections. This explains why populations that consume large amounts of coconut oil are healthier and live longer. Moreover, lauric acid destroys antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as MRSA.

  1. Improves Blood Cholesterol Levels

This healing oil is rich in fats that increase good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol levels. When consumed regularly, it improves blood coagulation factors and reduces triglycerides. Due to its cholesterol-lowering effects, coconut oil protects against heart disease and premature death.

  1. Aids in Diabetes Management

Research indicates that coconut oil increases insulin release and helps control blood sugar, which aids in managing diabetes. Additionally, the MCTs in this oil reduce body fat levels and improve glucose tolerance in type II diabetes. Coconut oil can also help you prevent this condition by keeping your blood sugar levels within normal limits.

  1. Promotes Healthy Skin and Hair

This healing oil is widely used in the beauty industry. When applied on the skin, it increases moisture and destroys bacteria. Therefore, it’s an excellent cure for dry, flaky skin, wounds, burns, and premature aging.

Coconut oil also boasts potent antioxidants that scavenge free radicals and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You can use it on your hair as well. The nutrients in coconut oil have been shown to stimulate hair growth, reduce protein loss, and remove dandruff. This natural remedy also keeps your scalp and hair free from lice.

These are just a few of the many benefits associated with coconut oil. In the long run, this superfood helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, kidney infections, chronic inflammation, arthritis, and even cancer. You can also use it as sunscreen, anti-aging cream, or makeup remover. So, are you ready to harness the power of coconut oil?