Cleansing The Gallbladder

A gallbladder cleanse is also known as a liver flush. It’s often used in order to help the body get rid of gallstones. What are gallstones? They’re something you don’t want! Seriously, they’re hardened deposits

6 Superfoods You Should Be Eating

Most people want to lose weight but they love their chocolate cake, potato chips, and fried foods. However, this might be the year when YOU choose to make some positive changes to your diet with

You 2.0

When computer software companies release a new version of a previous program, they upgrade the number associated with it, so it becomes, for example, “Detox 2.0.” How about “You 2.0?” Are you ready to upgrade

Why I Want To Lose Weight

I’m overweight. Can you relate? I didn’t think I’d end up this way, but I did, and I don’t like it. Therefore, I have a mindset to lose weight this year, and you can, too.