Most people want to lose weight but they love their chocolate cake, potato chips, and fried foods. However, this might be the year when YOU choose to make some positive changes to your diet with the intention to lose weight in the process. There are certain “superfoods” that are really, really good for you AND help you lose weight. Best of all, they’re natural and they taste delicious. Here are 6 superfoods you should be eating…

1- Spinach — It helped the cartoon character Popeye become a muscle man with great strength, and it can help you, too. Spinach is a muscle builder full of omega-3s and folate. So when you go to Subway for a sandwich, have them add some spinach leaves on there. By the way, spinach is even healthier than kale, which is the trendy health food of the moment. As a bonus: you can add spinach leaves to scrambled eggs– pure protein power right there!

2- Yogurt — In order to have a healthy gut, yogurt is a great food to make a staple of your daily diet. The probiotic organisms in yogurt end up helping the good bacteria in your body do their jobs. Yogurt is a good immune system booster. Tip: make sure the yogurt you eat has “live and active cultures.”

3- Tomatoes — So yummy… Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, a great antioxidant, which helps reduce your risk of several cancers.

4- Blueberries — Of all the fruits found in North America, blueberries contain the MOST antioxidants. You’ll want to load up on these tasty berries because they help prevent cancer and diabetes. Rich in fiber and vitamins, blueberries also boost your cardiovascular health. Note: even in dried/frozen/jam form, they’re great for you!

5- Black Beans — If you go to Mexican restaurants, they almost always have black beans to add to your burrito or meal; You should get them! Besides being good for your heart, they’re good for your brain, too. Black beans have “anthocyanins,” which improve brain function. Eat as many as you want– they’re low in calories and free of saturated fat!

6- Walnuts — These grow on trees and are packed with greatness. Consider this: walnuts give you protein, omega-3s, and anti-inflammatory polyphenols… if you’re going to eat nuts, these are the best nuts to eat.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, put some of these food items in your cart. When you get home, enjoy them, knowing full well that you’re eating “superfoods” that’ll do your brain and body good.