What are some of the key ingredients for healthy recipes? They should be natural items– found in nature– and not processed. Therefore, you’d be better off using fresh off the vine tomatoes for your pasta salad, rather than ones from a can. Whenever you can use unadulterated, non-frozen ingredients to make your meals, do so! Also, you’ll want to make sure you wash things like vegetables before you cut them up and use them; it’s good to wash off any dirt or chemicals that may be lingering on them. Finally, be careful not to use ingredients that have “expired.” Everything has its time. If there’s mold on something, you’d be smarter to throw it out in the garbage or add it to your outdoor compost pile than chance getting sick from including the moldy item in your recipe.

A lot of people don’t ever use recipes because they eat out all the time… all of their meals come from a store or restaurant. Yet, they might be missing out on the joy of cooking, not to mention the feeling of accomplishment when something you took the time and energy to prepare by hand is warm and ready to eat.

When’s the last time YOU used a recipe to make something interesting, healthy and tasty?

The Cooking Light website has a handy 5-ingredient online cookbook with several healthy recipes you might like to try; it’s here:

Cooking Light’s healthy recipes include staples like chicken, soups, salads, and vegetarian options. They utilize tasty ingredients like tomatoes, lime juice, peaches and corn. People want simple, nutritious, quick-to-prepare options, and the “5 ingredients” recipes shared on the Cooking Light website are ideal for people who are looking for some new and healthy recipes.

Now if 5 ingredients is too much for you, how about 3 ingredient recipes? If you’d like to see 51 quick and easy 3-ingredient meal recipes that are healthy, too, then visit this page on Among these listings are recipes for vegan breakfast pancakes, peanut butter energy bars, apricot glazed chicken, baked salmon with pecans and pesto, avocado kale salad, and flourless chocolate muffins.


Healthy muffins? Sure, why not?