When computer software companies release a new version of a previous program, they upgrade the number associated with it, so it becomes, for example, “Detox 2.0.” How about “You 2.0?” Are you ready to upgrade yourself to a newer version?

In order to change our lives for the better we have to make some positive changes. To “upgrade” our systems, we need to stop doing things that harm us, like eating endless junk food, and start doing things that benefit our body, mind and soul.

When is the last time you “did a detox?” Basically, a detox is done when you want to give your body a rest, a cleanse, much needed nourishment, and, ultimately, a “reset.”

People have detoxed for centuries, cleansing their bodies’ blood and internal systems. What do you have to do for your own personal detox?

For starters, many people start their detox by fasting. This gives organs a rest. For example, do you know someone who decided to just drink veggie juice for a couple days? A “juice cleanse” is one way to help your body detox. Others eliminate certain things from their lives for a couple days, weeks or all together: things like alcohol, coffee, soda pop, and/or smoking cigarettes. A detox could also involve switching to all-natural household cleaners and personal health products, to help rid your life of toxic products in the home.

A good way to detox involves de-stressing your life through things like yoga, prayer and/or meditation. A “quiet time,” where you get away from other people and have time to clear your mind of worries can really help you “reset” yourself– You 2.0.

Practical things you can eat during your detox time include fiber-rich foods like brown rice as well as broccoli, cabbage, and beets. Also, drink a lot of water– two quarts a day. Take deeper breaths. Sweat in a sauna. Exercise your body.

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