If you eat or drink stuff with “gluten” in it, you’re probably consuming grains, or, more specifically, wheat. For some people, a diet of gluten can mess their bodies up. You don’t have to have full-blown “Celiac Disease” to have a problem with gluten. Indeed, many people are just “gluten insensitive,” meaning their bodies don’t handle gluten in the best way possible for optimal health. That said, what are some ways gluten can mess you up?

Your body’s response to injury involves inflammation. For some people, the proteins in wheat aren’t interpreted properly by their gut. So, the person’s gut gets inflamed. When this happens, the intestine may become permeable, which means its borders are no longer held in check. Therefore, bad stuff can enter the gut, such as viruses and bacteria that don’t belong there. You don’t want to have “leaky gut,” because, if you do, you’re more likely to develop an autoimmune disease, where your immune system no longer functions as intended.


If and when your intake of gluten messes with your gut, then the immune system could end up mistakenly ordering its antibodies to attack your body rather than keep it from harm. Gluten-related inflammation in the gut can lead to problems like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease, which are things nobody wants.


Actually, for people who don’t tolerate gluten well, there are a myriad of problems that could develop, including type 1 diabetes, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and skin problems, too! Then, there’s the gastrointestinal havoc that gluten often gives a person: heartburn, bloating, bad gas, diarrhea, stinky stools, etc.


Besides the gut, gluten problems can also contribute to a person having “brain fog.” In some cases, the immune-inflammatory response to gluten can contribute to the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.


It’s no wonder that so many people today are more concerned about what’s in the foods they eat. Oftentimes a person adjusts their diet to become “gluten free” for a period of time to see if they feel better than they did before, and for some, that works!


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