Your thyroid might be malfunctioning and you don’t even realize it! Most people have no idea that they might have a thyroid condition. Did you know about 20 million Americans have thyroid disease? It’s all too common, especially among women and seniors.

If the thyroid isn’t working well, a person’s metabolism is negatively affected. Their energy levels may be “up-and-down,” rather than steady, and their hormone production could be out of whack.

The thyroid, which is a gland, can be negatively affected by a variety of things, including certain medications you take as well as good ol’ stress in your life. Symptoms of thyroid disorders include fatigue, sudden weight gain/loss, brain fog, and the kind of anxiety which can overwhelm even the strongest of men and women.

Specifically, when the thyroid isn’t working well, your overall health gets impacted in a bad way– you don’t absorb nutrients properly, your tissues have problems growing, you can’t seem to concentrate on things… UGH! Furthermore, you can become sensitive to cold temperatures around you, your muscles can feel weak, you might feel depressed, and to top it off, you might experience hair loss. Brittle hair, for instance, may stem from thyroid issues. Obviously, the thyroid plays a major part in how you ultimately look and feel everyday.

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