What woman doesn’t want to be healthy and beautiful? Ideally, the cells in a woman’s body need to be clean and her microbes needs to be in balance. With all the toxins “out there” trying to mess our cells and microbial balance up, it’s no wonder that so many women feel tired as they look at their reflections in the mirror and wonder, “What happened?”

Most ladies would like to shed some pounds, look younger and feel more energetic, and a smart way to make this happen is to do a “detox.” For some, this could involve adjusting the food and drinks they consume. Many women have found success by cooking foods that are easy to digest, treating themselves to things that give them pleasure (such as wine and dark chocolates), taking soothing baths, and getting plenty of fresh air.

To have a more pleasant and rewarding life, a woman must take a day or two to assess her current life situation and then make a plan to better herself within a specific amount of time. For instance, consider a woman named Mary. She’s 43, has 2 grown kids, is married, and holds a part-time job out of the house. Like most women her age, she tends to eat too much junk food. When she sees a bag of potato chips, she eats the whole bag in one sitting. The treadmill in her basement is used to hold laundry.

Sometimes changing your life is as simple as eating healthier and doing some exercises. However, most women need something or someone to trigger the need to start doing those key things. For some, it’s a health scare. For others, it’s a mean comment from someone who calls them “fat.” Ugh. Words can hurt, right?

Here’s a question: where do YOU want to be in 6 months time? What goals are you going to set for yourself today? Want to set a goal to lose 10 pounds in a 6-month period? That’s a doable goal, ladies! Now, how are you going to achieve this?


Today is the day to “start now!” Mark your calendar for your “start” day as well as the day that’s half a year later. Put your current weight on the calendar for today and then your desired weight on the “end” date 6 months from now so you have something to aim for.

Next, look over the products available in the shop on this site: Order and use the products you think can help you “detox” your body and ultimately help you achieve your weight loss goal. Also, commit yourself to doing physical exercise and eating healthier, and you will lose weight over time.

Today’s the day your body transformation begins!