Depression hurts. When you’re depressed, you don’t want to get out of bed. Face the day? No thanks! A depressed person feels tired all the time and always seems to be on the verge of crying. Meanwhile, a severely depressed person may consider killing themselves. Depression is no joke.

Now many people have gone to doctors about their depression and started a daily pill regimen to help themselves feel better. But does a person really want to be on pills the rest of their life? Probably not.

Can you help alleviate the feelings of depression naturally? Yes, you can.

Take Mark, for example. He felt depressed for years. But guess what: his diet consisted of endless cans of Pepsi and endless pieces of pizza. Basically, his diet was sugar and caffeine. It’s no wonder he felt down for so long. He took the pills the doctor gave him for years and he gained a lot of weight. This made him feel worse, because he went from being trim to being “the fat guy.”

One day Mark decided he’d like to get off the pills and try something new: a change in diet. So, instead of drinking six cans of Pepsi a day and eating nothing but pizza, he started drinking more water, a V8 alternative to soda pop with caffeine from green tea, and foods like turkey, eggs, and vegetables. He also joined a gym and paid a lot of money to have a one-on-one personal trainer help him get fit. Did all of this help his depression? Yes, it did.


You might be depressed because your body is not getting the nutrition it needs! This is a simple-yet-radical idea most people never consider. However, if you are feeling symptoms of depression in your life and you want to change for the better, you truly should consider making dietary changes. The less junk food you consume the less junky you will feel.

Now’s the time to start eating a breakfast each morning of two eggs. For lunch, have a turkey sandwich. At dinner, have foods that don’t come out of a box. The less processed foods you eat, the better you will feel. Make sure to not skip breakfast. Mark’s biggest problem was he’d only eat one meal a day of pizza towards 4 p.m. That’s a sure way to gain weight and feel lousy.

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